Howick Hall’s Sensory Garden — Susan Rushton

What makes a sensory garden different to any other garden? We can expect the boundaries to be pushed. Take Howick Hall’s new sensory garden, for example. Starting, as in any garden, with the soothing power of green, harmonious and contrasting textures and colours are layered on to stimulate us. We respond with an instinctive head-turn as […]

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Visiting the Blue Lotus Water Gardens — LEANNE COLE

It isn’t the first time I have been to the Blue Lotus Water Gardens at the Yarra Junction, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Visiting the gardens is always good and there is so much to photograph. They are only open for a few months of the year, so I need to make […]

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Poetry — Roth Poetry

“An entertainer gives people what they wanted… an artist give people what they didn’t know they wanted!” Josh Groban Poetry Which poem that I wrote …stopped you in your tracks …made you think of what’s long forgotten …challenged preconceived notions or stretched your perspective? What do you look for when you read my poetry? […]

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How to Create Haiga Poetry — The Faery Whisperer

Since so many poets are inspired by photos, drawings, paintings, or other images when they compose their poetry, I wanted to add the “Haiga,” a dramatic poetic form to my weekly syllabic poetry challenge starting the first week of February 2019. So, for the new challenge posted on 2/5/19, this will be another acceptable form […]

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Poetry to Print — Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine | Micro-Press Publisher

I am thinking of putting my poetry to print…This just a sampling. Would love your opinion if it’s something I should pursue. I had this frame and matting, thought it would be a good fit. Thinking of placing it in an Etsy storefront and see if there is any interest.

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