Slytherin Video Games — The Hannie Corner

Well, it is time. After covering three Hogwarts houses and their video game recommendations, I’m on my final house. Today, I am discussing titles that are perfect for the Slytherin house. Since Slytherins are most often associated with cunning, I tend to think of them as people that would like to explore moral ambiguity and […]

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More Easter Bunnies — pensitivity101

I don’t usually send Easter Cards, though it’s nice to have an Easter Egg. There’s something different, more creamy, more yummy, more chocolatey about Easter Egg chocolate don’t you think? Anyway, with the kids on holiday, the shops teeming with the little darlings pushing their own miniature trolleys into the backs for your legs, and […]

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Easter Egg Bark — NancyC

I can’t believe Easter is almost here! If you haven’t had a chance to make any Easter treats yet, here’s a really easy recipe you can put together quickly–and no baking required! It’s so fun and colorful, too. I based this Easter Egg Bark on my Candy Corn Bark recipe I had posted a few years ago. It’s really […]

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Dye Your Easter Eggs Then SPRING CLEAN the House! — kelleysdiy

This is so fun, I just had to share! Did you know you can color your Easter eggs with Koolaid? That’s right, at a cost of about 25 cents per packet you can dye your Easter Eggs AND tackle some of your Spring Cleaning! Use Kool-Aid packets (the no sugar version) to dye your Easter […]

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