Short rant about diets


I’m off of Twitter and Facebook, so my blog is starting to become my go-to rant spot once again.

This morning it’s Jane Brody that’s got me ranty, with her unbelievably incoherent take on exercise and diets:

More Fitness, Less Fatness

Let me give you my snarky summary of this piece:

  1. Diets don’t work.
  2. People are beginning to understand this.
  3. They’re starting to accept their bodies as they are and go on with their lives.
  4. This makes Jane Brody feel bad for them, because they really should feel bad for themselves.
  5. Turns out people should exercise instead of diet to be healthier.
  6. But Jane Brody suggests they should diet too, even though it doesn’t work.
  7. Jane Brody concludes by entitling the piece to imply exercise makes people lose weight even though there’s plenty of evidence that it doesn’t.

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