Dare to Diet

Just another weight loss story

When the Instagram filters fail, everyone starts looking for that new diet to give them that desired 6 pack.

6 Types of dieters

Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you: “Are you on diet”, oh yes, which diet do you follow”?

Just for a moment, imagine if you could respond with number 4? Just picture the look you will get! Also, they will never ask you again.

1. The “balls to the wall” dieter

Like Sue is trying to cut out all one night stands, you trying to cut out all food except for Ice.

Cutting all calories to lose weight fast, will not only help you lose the unwanted kilograms, but it will also help you lose vital bodily functions and your will to live.

Solution: Don’t do it

Insert: Not sure who Sue is? Go read this article now!

2. The Gullible dieter

Every fad diet…

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