Less is More

You don’t need all kinds of stuff. Maybe you need less of it. If you need more, it should only be things that you find real value in. Things you can need to live and survive. In my younger days, there was zero understanding of what hoarding was. I would be in amazement of all […] […]

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What is Love?

Welcome to day one of #Loveuary! February is here, the month of love, and I wanted to celebrate this wonderful emotion, but attempting to post about love each and every day. First of all, we need to define what love is… “Love is not merely an emotion felt due to romance, there are so many […] […]

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Hello my Readers! Welcome to Friday Fictioneers on a Thursday. Couldn’t get my story onto paper, so to speak yesterday and had to rush off to work. It ended up being a very long day so there was nothing happening in my brain last night, that’s for sure. A little note to ya’all: I’ll be […] […]

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I’m sure most of you have wonderful plans for this special day. We have the perfect weather here for celebrating. Cloud cover and not much above 80 degrees which is a break for us. I spent yesterday repairing my son’s flag that had become a bit tattered from catching on the edge of the roof […] […]

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Wish me luck

I want to preface this whole discussion, by staying I believe in jinxed and am really crossing my fingers at this point. So, please do wish me luck and maybe even wish me a martini fairy. Those exist somewhere, right? I have been on a house search for a while. When I looked for […] via […]

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Eight Nine

Catching up. Poppy’s nine are weaned. The fat little savages. The little piglet with the ripped hoof has become un-findable – she is running just as fast as all the rest and doing fine so I have stopped worrying about her. They are all eating well chomping on their greens and slurping madly at their […] […]

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