Budget Travel

Probably one of the most asked questions I hear is: “WHERE are you going to live?” or “HOW are you gonna live?”. Way back about two via Budget Travel: Backpacks or Bikes? — Points on a Map

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A to Z Challenge

As a Generation Xer, it’s my duty to bitch about millennials and Generation Z and their device addiction. Am I any better? I tell them the kids dinner time by texting. (I’ll chalk this up to Gen X Energy Conservation. Why trudge up the stairs when I have the culmination of George Jetson’s, C-3PO’s and […] […]

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Whipped Cream

Neida, jeg har ingen planer om å bake en kake! Tvert imot så satt vi og ventet på at våren skulle feste grepet for alvor? Og isteden kom ‘Kong Vinter’ tilbake med full styrke! No, no, – I have no intentions baking some kind of cake! Far from it we were actually contemplating spring wondering […] […]

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Ferrari tales

Two of my favourite things rolled into one: Lego and Formula 1. This is the Ferrari SF-16H (new Lego toy but last season’s car, which wasn’t as fast as this year’s but didn’t have that big shark’s fin). I was so excited for this F1 season to begin, and now it has I’m even more […] […]

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You know the feeling. Looking at the world through technicolour filters and a plastic lens. When you see something completely astounding or breathtakingly beautiful, and your hands reach instinctively for your phone or DSLR to capture the moment before it passes you by. Ironically, in taking the time to nail that perfect shot, it […] via […]

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